About Resconsult Limited

About us

Resconsult Ltd is a leading multi-disciplinary consulting firm specializing in engineering and planning services. With a legacy dating back to 1998, we have consistently delivered innovative solutions to complex development challenges. As a registered member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya and an esteemed name in the industry, we take pride in our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and excellence.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to exceed your expectations by delivering high-quality, efficient, and timely consultancy services. Our vision is to be the foremost engineering consulting firm in Kenya and beyond, contributing to the creation of sustainable and resilient communities, infrastructures, and environments.

Our Expertise:

At Resconsult, we bring together a team of seasoned professionals with diverse skills and extensive experience across various fields. From civil and structural engineering to environmental studies and urban planning, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to address a wide range of project requirements.

Our Approach

Resconsult is dedicated to establishing strong working relationships with clients, considering the cultural and political nuances of the project’s region. The firm’s aim is to amplify development efforts across all relevant parties, particularly in sectors such as infrastructure development, road construction, water supplies, economics, environment, and planning. The company boasts a team of devoted professionals with diverse expertise spanning various domains. Project teams are formed based on specific problem situations, and external experts are engaged when necessary to provide specialized services tailored to each project’s unique requirements.